Here We Go: Globull Warming Makes It Snowier

This may very well be the first unhinged Alarmist story for the upcoming winter season that pushes the idiotic notion that when it’s warmer it is snowier and colder. I guess it must have been really, really warm during the last Ice Age

For Minnesotans who might be welcoming global warming, Bob Henson has a message: Don’t sell your snowblower.

A warming climate might actually mean more snow across the northern Great Plains, said Henson, author of “The Rough Guide to Climate Change,” who will be the keynote speaker Monday at the sixth annual Northern Plains Winter Storms Conference at St. Cloud.

Why? Because of the canard that there is more water vapor in the atmosphere because it’s warmer. A position that was discredited due to actual data showing that there wasn’t any above average water vapor over the last few years. But, the Warmists have to find a way to keep their little cult going after multiple harsh winters.

“One of the big messages is that snowfall is increasing across parts of the far northern plains,” said Henson, a media relations associate for the University Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colo. “It appears to be decreasing toward the central plains. The natural north-south divide in snowfall is becoming even more pronounced.”

You mean the climate conditions can change? Warmists apparently think the Earth’s climate is a computer game and everything will stay static for all time. They really are the modern day Flat Earthers.

For the near future, that appears to be a case of the region’s climate legacy — cold — mixing with the ongoing warming trend. A warmer climate means more water vapor in the air, and in the Twin Cities, the steepest increases in normal temperatures, as measured over 30 years, have been in some of the coldest months: January, November and December. But those months are still colder than most of the others.

“Because it’s so cold in the middle of winter, there’s a lot of room for warming up and still having a lot of snow,” Henson said.

Amazingly, Warmist will actually see that sentence as a coherent thought, rather than one brought forth while on an acid trip.

But, one thing is missing from the Warmists diatribes: actual proof that the warming that occurred since the end of the Little Ice Age is mostly or solely the fault of Mankind. Climate Realists, who they call “skeptics” and “deniers”, do not deny that the world has warmed. Oh, no, we know it has. We also know that climate is always going to change. What we disagree on is causes.

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