Here We Go: Warmists Trot Out “Cold And Snow Caused By Warming” Meme

I had a brief Twitter debate with a Warmist Sunday afternoon, brief on my part, because I had to bow out due to other obligations, and noted

The way Warmists have positioned “climate change” means there is no way to ever disprove it, the same as a cult. That’s how we end up with memes like this when it is cold and snow

New Study Says Arctic Ice Melt And Extreme Weather Conditions In US, Europe Linked

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Extreme and erratic weather conditions, such as worsening heat waves, cold snaps and downpours in the U.S. and Europe, could be linked to Arctic ice melt, scientists said on Sunday.

Wait, “could be”? It either is or isn’t when we discuss science. This is more like wishful thinking.

The new study published in the journal “Nature Climate Change,” warned of increasingly extreme weather across “much of North America and Eurasia where billions of people will be affected,” Reuters reported. The new findings have further roiled a debate on the impact of global warming on climate change, as international scientists and studies differ significantly on whether human-caused global warming is responsible for climate change or not.

Really, there’s no need for further excerpts, since most of you know how this little bit of witchcraft goes, you’ve seen it before. Though there is this

According to a U.N. report, Arctic sea ice shrank to a record low in 2012 and its panel of scientists warned that if the trend continues then the North Pole could lose its ice and snow cover by 2050, leading to severe climate change around the globe.

Oh, now it’s 2050? I though the Arctic was supposed to be ice free by 2013, which would be….this year. Which didn’t happen. In fact, the Arctic is doing very well this year. But, you know, it “could” be ice free 40 years from now. That same type of prediction didn’t work out too well when it was made in 1960. Furthermore, the Antarctic is still doing very well, and except for a small part in the west, it is growing and getting colder.

The Warmist proposition that the melting causes increased water vapor which creates all the snow is sorta founded in real science. Except, there is no increase in atmospheric water vapor. But, by Warmist standards

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