Hooray! It’s Earth Hour Today! Which Is Worse For The Climate!

A largely symbolic hour where Climate Astrologers get to feel good about turning their lights out for one hour while being big “carbon hogs” for the rest of the year….um, wait, this “spreading awareness” and feel-good campaign is actually worse?

(Forbes) On March 23, millions of people around the world will be asked again to mark Earth Hour by switching off their lights and non-essential appliances for an hour in symbolic support for climate change mitigation. However, the question that begs to be asked: After so many years of announcing the scientific basis for climate change, is token symbolic support the way to move forward? Or should we instead be thinking of ways to actually cut carbon emissions?

What’s this “we” Kemosabi? How about if you Warmists practice what you preach all year long instead of holding a symbolic (ie meaningless) hour long turn a few lights out exercise? How can people not know about the Warmists pet religion by now? This is all Warmists want to do, symbolism, because so many in the 1st World refuse to give up their big carbon lifestyles. Anyway

Earth Hour does lessen the electrical load of power plants to some extent, thus making a small contribution for that hour by lessening the amount of coal burned. But for the most part, large power plants cannot shutdown for just one hour as there are thermal and mechanical concerns that put the plant at risk of being damaged for doing so. Power plants instead have to anticipate the sudden return of electrical loads after the hour has passed, and thus keep burning coal (or other fossil fuels) while the event is happening — in what engineers call a “spinning reserve” mode. Electrical engineers also know that when an appliance is first turned on, there is a higher current needed at the start as opposed to what is needed when the appliance is already operating. In effect, the end of Earth Hour is actually more detrimental to climate mitigation because simultaneously turning on so much equipment all at once creates a surge current that results in a sudden spike in power demand.

Now that’s some funny stuff. Earth Hour is worse for the Warmists fantasy climate than leaving the lights on. Lest one think this is written by a “skeptic”

Dennis Posadas is an Asia-based Climate Institute fellow and author of Greenergized (UK: Greenleaf, 2013).

On the flip side we have Human Achievement Hour (via Master Resource)

It’s that time of year again when we at the Competitive Enterprise Institute celebrate the innovative power of humanity and demonstrate our commitment to protecting the rights of individuals against government action that would limit our ability to use earth’s resources and thus hinder human progress. We call this celebration Human Achievement Hour (HAH).

This runs from 830-930pm in your local time. It isn’t really about turning all your lights on, but about celebrating the ability to be able to do so if you want. People in 3rd world shitholes developing countries would love to have this ability. Heck, just to have a stable power supply. Here’s Bjørn Lomborg

“If we really want a sustainable future for all of humanity and our planet, we shouldn’t plunge ourselves back into darkness. Tackling climate change by turning off the lights and eating dinner by candlelight smacks of the “let them eat cake” approach to the world’s problems that appeals only to well-electrified, comfortable elites.”

It’s easy for most Warmists to engage in their miniscule feel good event: they know the power is still there. Me, I won’t be turning all my lights on or doing anything extra: I’ll just be content with knowing I have power so I can sit on the couch and watch my NJ Devils take on the Florida Panthers with a few lights on so I can read and play on the laptop.

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