Hooray! Warmists Proclaim All Power Outages Caused By “Climate Change”

I was wondering when they would get around to this blamestorming talking point, and I blame you, dear reader, for all the power issues for refusing to give up your fossil fueled vehicle, using hair spray, and having a fridge with an ice maker. Oh, and per Warmist doctrine, no, I’m not giving up mine. This is only for you

(Grist) Eerie images of flooded, pitch-black lower Manhattan following Superstorm Sandy made it clear just how stark an effect climate change and extreme weather can have on our everyday access to electricity.

A report from the U.S. Department of Energy released last week shows that New York City and other coastal regions aren’t the only ones at risk. And it’s not just a question of the future. No American region, it turns out, has been exempt from the possibility of mass power outages. The report focuses on three major causes: rising temperatures; wider-spread, more severe droughts; and more devastating flooding, storms, and sea-level rises.

DOE also created a map of energy and power-related disruptions over the past decade that experts have attributed to large-scale, long-term disruptions in climate and weather patterns (for the full, interactive map, click here).

The whole article is based on that map and a highly partisan post at the Department of Energy website. They’re blaming all the power outages on

  1. Increasing air and water temperatures;
  2. Decreasing water availability across regions and seasons; and
  3. Increasing intensity and frequency of storm events, flooding and sea level rise.

Except, the global temperatures have not increased in a statistically significant manner in 15 plus years, and, really, is a 0.14F increase since 1997 and 0.28F increase since 1990 cause for concern? Some data sets show decreasing temperature, but, the biggest thing is that temperature is not following CO2 increases. The US right now has 71% below normal temperatures for the year.

Water availability? Doesn’t mean there are anthropogenic causes, just the natural part of How Things Work On Planet Earth.

There is no increase in extreme weather. The weather is not out of whack. Flooding is not increasing (which is funny, because #2 whined about a decrease in water availability). Sea rise is well within the historical norm of 6-8 inches, when, if this was a normal warm period, it should be much, much more, due to the law of averages.

And, yes, they do actually blame “climate change” for the power outages during February, 2013 in Massachusetts from…wait for it…snow.

And you know what will be awesome? When brownouts and blackouts occur more frequently as government mandates force citizens to rely more and more on “alternatives” that provide inefficient and unreliable power.

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