How Cold Will It Be? Think Antarctica

I wonder what the climate alarmist talking points will be about this

Friday’s forecast low at McMurdo Station in Antarctica, near where Robert Scott launched his fatal expedition to the South Pole in 1911, is 21 degrees.

It will probably be colder in Houston.

Forecasters say Houston should see its coldest weather in more than a decade later this week, with area low temperatures likely to dip into the upper teens in inland areas, and upper 20s along the coast.

The last time the city’s temperature fell below 20 degrees was Jan. 8, 1996, when the low was 19 degrees.

The deep chill should begin Thursday morning with the arrival of a very strong Arctic front.

Once temperatures fall below freezing Thursday, say forecasters with the National Weather Service, they may not rise above freezing until Saturday for areas near and north of a line from Brenham to The Woodlands.

Brrrrrrrr! Where’s that global warming when you need it?

The chilly weather follows a December that was 3.5 degrees below normal and just missed being one of the city’s 10 coldest Decembers ever.

Oh, wait, that’s just weather. Wait, what’s that you’re saying? Long term weather creates what is called “climate?” Hmph. How about that?

Meanwhile, Fargo broke a low temp record. Set in 1885. The snow in Korea is the heaviest since record keeping began in 1937. Vermont set a record for snowfall in one storm. Al Gore must be traveling around the world.

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