HuffPo: Earthquakes Are A Good Anology For Climate Change (Hoax)

So far, very few alarmists have chimed in to blame globull warming for the Virginia earthquake which made Obama miss a few putts. I’ve caught a few Tweets, but, that is about it. Give them a few days. Though, the alarmists are using the earthquake as a way to beat up the use of nuclear power plants. Because solar panels, hydrothermal dams, and windmills would never break…oh, wait, the extreme enviroweenies attempt to block most of those, too.

Anyhow, here’s HuffPo’s Rebecca Anderson

But this earthquake has got me thinking. Earthquakes have nothing to do with climate change. We know this. Some quakes can strike out of the blue, like this one, in such a random place that there’s no way you could have predicted it. But other places, like along the San Andreas fault in California, you know that living there goes along with the risk of earthquakes. Scientists put a lot of work into calculating those risks and buildings and bridges are built accordingly.

Sorry to tell you, Rebecca, some uber-alarmists do blame earthquakes on “climate change.” Like this one. Moving on

In this way, earthquakes give us a good analogy for dealing with climate change. The risks are understood and the precautions to minimize the risks are also known. You never know on a given day, even in California, if an earthquake is going to strike or not. Likewise, you never know when a big storm, flood or wildfire will hit. But, much like living along the San Andreas fault, with climate change we know that the chances of these events happening — flooding of the Mississippi, drought in Texas, wildfires in the southwest, this summer’s heat wave — are going up. As the venerable Stephen Schneider said, “We are loading the dice.”

Got that? Because someone took a whole bunch of private jets to a UN IPCC conference in exotic Bali, the chances of weather occurring is growing. Except when they don’t grow. Or flood replaces drought. Winters get snowier and colder. Hurricanes or no hurricanes.

Here’s where we get to the difference. Earthquakes are caused by nothing less than seismic ruptures deep inside the Earth, set off by the forces of plate tectonics. There’s not a lot we can do about that. Climate change, on the other hand, we know we can do something about. The cause of this problem is us and that means the solution can be, is and will be us.

And what are the answers, Rebecca? Oh, ok, spreading awareness. Lobbying to make other people change their behavior. Offering “climate education.” We know this because she pushes the Alliance for Climate Education.

But, then she ends the piece with this

Step 1: Solve climate change.
Step 2: Stop plate tectonics.

????????? Seriously? Stop plate tectonics? Makes as much sense as solving climate change, though. None.

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