If You Don’t Believe In The Climate Change Hoax, You’ll Spontaneously Combust

Yet another in a long line of unhinged videos from the True Believers, who wasted quite a bit of energy to produce the video and put it on the Internet, where more energy is used to watch it, not to mention all the CO2 produced (Via Watts Up With That?)

The accompanying text for the video at Youtube:

97–98% of the most published climate researchers think humans are causing global warming. Another study found 97.4% of publishing climatologists and just under 90% of all earth scientists think significant man made global warming is occurring. Yet, it is the fringe, the global climate change deniers, who often have the loudest voices.

“Combustible” is a web video, created as part of a campaign, for the Global Climate Initiative, an organization that was borne to raise awareness of the fact, that we as human beings, are actually having a negative impact on the global ecology, and we shouldn’t wait until it’s too late to see this truth, and act.

So, instead of going out and living the “climate friendly” lifestyle, showing everyone else the way, they’re still on the “spreading awareness” bandwagon. The same one they’ve been on for 20+ years, and causes more and more people to opt out of their little cult.

But, us Climate Realists might spontaneously combust from the temperatures going up a few degrees. If only people would stop taking unnecessary fossil fueled flights to lovely vacation spots to rail against unnecessary fossil fueled flights.

BTW, why do the Alarmists want to take away the Free Speech rights of Climate Realists? Very fascistic.

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