Independence Day Means It’s Time To Declare Independence From Fossil Fuels And Hotdogs Or Something

You didn’t think Warmists would forget about using Independence Day as a way to push their cultish beliefs, did you?

Declare Energy Independence this July 4th!

Once again we are gearing up to celebrate the Fourth of July, which also means it’s time to declare your energy independence from fossil fuels! Improving energy efficiency in your home or going solar are just two ways to take control of your energy destiny while saving money.

Yes, you read that right. Becoming more energy efficient willsave you money! A few simple ideas include using fans instead of air conditioning, changing the light bulbs in your house to compact fluorescents or LEDs, and wrapping your water heater with an inexpensive insulation blanket.

There’s nothing wrong with saving money on energy. I certainly take steps to do this. But, of course, they have to link it to ‘climate change’. Why? Because their bat guano insane. They even have this little graphic

Then we get to hot dogs. No, really

Celebrate America by avoiding our national embarrassment: Hot dogs

Independence Day has historically been a time to remember our forbears, to consider the spectacular achievements this country has made, and to shove approximately 155 million hot dogs down our collective throats. But, this year, I’m begging you: Say no to the weenie, the worst meat of them all.

Reading on, you can see that how some hot dogs are made is pretty gross. Of course, ‘climate change’ rears its silly head

Most of the 9 billion hot dogs Americans purchase each year are produced in massive factory farms. In the U.S., about 97 percent of pork — some 65 million pigs — are reared and slaughtered in factory farms. While strides have been made to improve sanitation and animal welfare at these farms in recent years, the industry is known for cramped conditions, overuse of antibiotics, and inhumane conditions. Not to mention factory farming’s contribution to climate change: According to the FAO, animal agriculture is responsible for 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions — more than all the emissions from transportation.

Having read Grist for years, that last bit is the most important. Greenhouse gases. Why won’t Warmists give up meat?

Time wants you to take a quiz to see if you agree with other Americans

Americans may widely support fireworks, cookouts and days off work, but as we approach July 4, national opinion remains deeply divided over topics like gun control and climate change. This quiz will poll you on 10 questions from the Pew Research Center and tell you how strongly your opinions and habits align with the country at large.

Of course, all Americans are equally “American,” and few things are arguably more patriotic than holding unpopular or fringe opinions. This quiz will simply show you how close you are to the average citizen, based on nationally representative polls. The results may surprise you.

Of course, what they mean is if you’re against gun control and solving ‘climate change’, you’re fringe. Of course, on the question “Do you think climate change is a very serious problem?”, 55% said “no’. Oops. Decades of “spreading awareness” and they still lose.

But, hey, if Warmists want energy independence from fossil fuels, they should simply give them up. Easy peasy, right?

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