Insha’Gore! All That Snow Is What Global Warming Looks Like

And some alarmists actually scoff when we realists term globull warming a cult like religion. George Monbiot is apparently a High Priest to The Goracle: That snow outside is what global warming looks like

There were two silent calls, followed by a message left on my voicemail. She had a soft, gentle voice and a mid-Wales accent. “You are a liar, Mr Monbiot. You and James Hansen and all your lying colleagues. I’m going to make you pay back the money my son gave to your causes. It’s minus 18C and my pipes have frozen. You liar. Is this your global warming?” She’s not going to like the answer, and nor are you. It may be yes.

There is now strong evidence to suggest that the unusually cold winters of the last two years in the UK are the result of heating elsewhere. With the help of the severe weather analyst John Mason and the Climate Science Rapid Response Team, I’ve been through as much of the scientific literature as I can lay hands on (see my website for the references). Here’s what seems to be happening.

After that Georgie provides a long list of why man-caused global warming is causing it to be really frickin’ cold and to snow. Yeah go ahead and read if you want, it’s good for a Santa like belly laugh. I suspect that if the climate changes to one similar to the Little Ice Age, or, heck, and actual ice age, that will be the result of global warming caused by mankind’s release of greenhouse gases.

Do I really have to write that this is not what science looks like? If everything is the result of “global warming”, it’s a religion. Among many Muslims, and I’m not simply referring to the hard cores, but many who are not that devout, they have a saying: “Insha’Allah.” “If Allah wills.” Will it snow? Insha’Allah. Will I get a promotion? Insha’Allah. Will my moped start? Insha’Allah. Will I burn the cookies? Insha’Allah. Maybe we should have one for the alarmists: Insha’Gore.

Lest you think Monbiot is the only, well, nutcase cultist, here’s yet another.

BTW, I’m not making fun of Muslims in this case. You get the same thing among many very devout Christians and Jews, as well as some other minor religions. I’m making fun of the climate alarmists, but, if you are upset with me, Insha’Gore.

Oh, I almost forgot

That’s some awesome globull warming. Insha’Gore.

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