James Hansen Blames Every Weather Event On Hotcoldwetdry

It’s humorous that James Hansen, who makes quite a bit of money from pushing “climate change’, an inexact and unscientific term, gets the sympathetic Washington Post (which kills lots of trees every year to publish their papers) to publish an op-ed piece even before the actual scientific paper is published…..oh, and per Warmist dogma, we aren’t supposed to listen to Hansen, because he doesn’t have a degree in climate science

(Washington Post) When I testified before the Senate in the hot summer of 1988 , I warned of the kind of future that climate change would bring to us and our planet. I painted a grim picture of the consequences of steadily increasing temperatures, driven by mankind’s use of fossil fuels.

Back then he used the term global warming, because he thought it would get hot. Too bad there has been no statistically significant warming since 1998 despite an increase in CO2. He did not predict that.

But I have a confession to make: I was too optimistic.

Keep the money train a rollin’

My projections about increasing global temperature have been proved true. But I failed to fully explore how quickly that average rise would drive an increase in extreme weather.

Don’t worry, because his paper is going to retroactively create that prognostication

In a new analysis of the past six decades of global temperatures, which will be published Monday, my colleagues and I have revealed a stunning increase in the frequency of extremely hot summers, with deeply troubling ramifications for not only our future but also for our present.

Yet, extremely hot summers were worse during the 1930’s when CO2 was well below 350ppm, and said summers were effecting the planet, not just small parts. During this hot summer (shocking that summer would be hot, eh? That never happened before 1980), tiny portions of the Northern landmass are effected, while most places are actually seeing cooler than usual summers.

This is not a climate model or a prediction but actual observations of weather events and temperatures that have happened. Our analysis shows that it is no longer enough to say that global warming will increase the likelihood of extreme weather and to repeat the caveat that no individual weather event can be directly linked to climate change. To the contrary, our analysis shows that, for the extreme hot weather of the recent past, there is virtually no explanation other than climate change.

What he means is “caused by Mankind”. Every Warmist who believes this mule fritters should immediately give up their fossil fueled travel, stop using an ice maker in their fridge, make sure that they use no power from coal sources, purchase solar panels for their homes, unplug every appliance when not in use, purchase $50 LED bulbs, and only “buy local.” There are other measures they can take, but, why mention them? Warmists won’t do anything within their own lives.

The deadly European heat wave of 2003, the fiery Russian heat wave of 2010 and catastrophic droughts in Texas and Oklahoma last year can each be attributed to climate change. And once the data are gathered in a few weeks’ time, it’s likely that the same will be true for the extremely hot summer the United States is suffering through right now.

Strange that all those happened when the temperatures have been essentially flatlined. Of course, pretty much every actual scientist stated that the Russian heat wave was not a result of global warming, but, atmospheric blocking. I’m sure Hansen will find a way to blame that on “climate change.” He’s found a way to blame every weather event on it. Despite not know what the weather was like during previous warm (and warmer) periods.

His solution this? Carbon offsets, nailing the fossil fuel companies and then giving a rebate to individuals to offset the rising power, because then….something might possibly sorta happen. Wouldn’t stop anything, but, would surely make Hansen some cash. Perhaps Hansen can explain all the periodic cycles that have been occurring since the end of the last glacial period, and why there were multiple warm periods prior to this one, warm periods between cool periods. And why a huge tree ring study shows cooling overall over the last 4,000 years. Oh, and why he takes so many fossil fueled flights.

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