James Hansen Jumps the Shark

Global warming profiteer James Hansen (who formerly hawked global cooling) has exploited his high-level position in the NASA bureaucracy to position himself as a second Al Gore. His antics have included calling for a communist China-led boycott of the USA, advocating Stalin-style show trials for those who provide us with energy, repeatedly peddling phony data, soaking up money from anti-American radical George Soros, and giving over 1,400 interviews in the span of a few years while yelping that he was being silenced by the Bush Administration. His former boss denounced him as a fraud. Through all this, he has continued to draw a presumably generous paycheck from NASA as if he were actually doing constructive work on behalf of the American taxpayer. But as the global warming hoax begins to disintegrate, the very shamelessness that brought Hansen wealth and fame has caused him to cross the line into farce.

Once regarded (if only by fools) as a wise sage nobly struggling to save the planet from climatic doom, he has been reduced to getting himself arrested with the guffaw-inducing Daryl Hannah, a clownish actress now best known for having to be extracted by the fire department from someone else’s tree. Not even a liberal could take Hansen seriously after this:

James Hansen was arrested alongside Hannah and several other people at a sit-in to protest the Keystone XL project, a proposed $7-billion, 1,700-mile pipeline that would transport crude oil from Alberta, Canada, to the Texas Gulf Coast. Environmentalists fear the project will destroy pristine forests and pave the way for another devastating oil spill, but proponents say it will create jobs and reduce the nation’s reliance on oil from places such as Venezuela and Saudi Arabia.

Hansen heads NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, which examines such hot-button issues as climate change and humans’ effect on the planet.

Once NASA reached for the stars. Now it employs militant luddites who would have us traveling by bicycle.

Hansen, who has been arrested before for protesting climate change issues, was recently named in a lawsuit seeking documentation about his employment beyond NASA, and whether he violated ethics and financial reporting guidelines by accepting funds from environmental organizations.

A government bloated enough to employ a corrupt and useless toad like Hansen hardly needs any more hikes in its debt ceiling.

On a tip from Byron. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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