Joe Romm: That Nuclear Furnace In The Sky Is Small Potatoes

If the Sun does go into a state similar to what caused the Maunder Minimum during the Little Ice Age, the Warmists have found their groove in a way to keep pushing their failed pseudo religion. Here’s Joe Romm’s version, which starts off with a bit of Fox News Derangement syndrome

The anti-science disinformers are ecstatic over an analysis that says by 2020, we might be entering a long period of anomalously low solar activity. The headline at Fox Nation is:

Global Warming Be Damned, We Might Be Headed For A Mini Ice Age

No. Not even close, actually.

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Yes, there is a credible prediction based on independent studies that we could possibly be entering a so-called “grand minimum” in solar activity. And yes, the last one on record, the “Maunder Minimum,” which occurred between 1645 and 1715, coincided with the so-called Little Ice Age.

But the Little Ice Age wasn’t just driven by a drop in solar forcing — it was also driven by a burst of volcanic activity. And now we have human-caused greenhouse gases that have overwhelmed the much, much smaller solar forcing.

See? Al Gore flying private jets, being chauffeured in SUV limos, and purchasing McMansions on the California coastline is much worse than the ball of fire in the sky, which has just a tiny affect on the Earth.

Of course, this forgets that the Little Ice Age lasted from the 13th century till about 1850. But, you’re all just anti-science disinformers (Joe sure has his progressive talking points down now that his Alarmist website is hosted by Soros funded Think Progress, eh?) for……following the science that the Sun has a huge affect on the state of the Earth’s climate.

Joe then goes on to try and prove that the majority of all warming is caused by…..Mankind, and that the Sun means little. Say, what caused the last glacial period?

A Maunder Minimum can’t stop catastrophic global warming — only we can!

By “we,” he means that Someone Else needs to Do Something, preferably the Government. Because Alarmists just can’t be bothered to Do Something themselves, other than “spread awareness.”

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