John Kerry: Non-binding, Voluntary Paris Climate Agreement Obama’s Most Important 2015 Accomplishment

I did not want to make the headline really long, so I left out “with no force of law and no legally binding requirements”

(CNS News) Secretary of State John Kerry says the climate change deal he helped broker in Paris was the Obama administration’s most “important” accomplishment in 2015.

“As one year gives way to the next, international leaders have an opportunity to build on several major achievements of 2015,” Kerry wrote in an oped published Tuesday in the Boston Globe in which he also listed the nuclear deal with Iran, signing the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and normalization of diplomatic relations with Cuba.

“Of these, none is more important than the recent global agreement in Paris to prevent the most harmful impacts of climate change.” Kerry wrote.

It’s such an awesomely huge achievement that Mr. Obama will not even submit it to the United State Congress for debate, discussion, and a vote. Liberals will, of course, say that the GOP would kill the agreement. And, their right (hopefully. You never know with the GOP, but, I do think they could muster 34 votes against it). But, if they did kill it, it would give Obama and the other members of the Cult of Climastrology a chance to lambaste Republican “deniers”. Yet, he won’t even give it a whirl. Says quite a bit how worthless this agreement actually is.

President Barack Obama and federal officials agreed to give $3 billion in funding to the U.N.’s Green Climate Fund to help developing nations – including China and India, which produce more greenhouse gases than industrialized nations – deal with the effects of climate change.

Let’s not forget that the entire thing almost jumped the tracks over the initial idea to make contributions legally binding, with John Kerry threatening to walk out. Obama/Kerry demanded they not be legally binding. And notice whose money they plan to give away. That’s right, not their own.

None of the pledges actually get the world to the apocalyptic 2C, or even 1.5C. Numbers which the world aren’t even close to now, being only about .8C above temperatures at the end of the Little Ice Age 166 years ago, and most likely wouldn’t get there in the first place, except in computer models.

There’s no process to verify anything. There’s no real process to properly vet the use of the Green Climate Fund. Sounds historic!

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