Did You Know There’s Totally A Cheap, Proven Fix For ‘Climate Change’?

Can you guess what it is?

No, it’s not all members of the Cult of Climastrology giving up their own use of fossil fuels and going carbon neutral.

No, it’s not doing actual science instead of relying on doomsaying and computer models to determine how much of the current warm period is caused by nature vs mankind.

Hyper-Warmist John D. Sutter will use his platform at CNN to tell us, which will put out carbon pollution through the use of evil electricity

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There’s a cheap, proven fix to the world’s biggest problem

Yoram Bauman learned about the idea that would change his life, and the course of the world, as a nerdy undergraduate at Reed College.

The economics professor’s pitch was so simple he couldn’t shake it.

We should make bad stuff more expensive.

And, by doing that, make good stuff cheaper.

“I remember thinking that it was such an intellectually beautiful idea,” he told me.

It is beautiful. And, as it turns out, this old theory, which dates back at least to the 1920s and an economist named Arthur Pigou, is essential to fixing one of the world’s biggest problems.

What could it be?

Washington’s Initiative-732 would make a bad thing — pollution — more expensive by putting a tax on each ton of carbon dioxide created by cars, power plants and the like.

More importantly, doing so would throw economic muscle behind clean energy, shorter commutes, cleaner air and smarter cities. It would use the market, not regulations, to choose winners and losers in the clean tech race. It would help Washington state, in the apt words of the initiative’s promoters, fulfill its moral responsibility to leave a livable planet for future generations. And it plans do so without wrecking the economy or growing government.

Why, yes, a carbon tax! Of course! It’s so simple! The Government applying force of law to force citizens to Do Something. But, it’s totally innocuous, you know

That’s because Bauman’s carbon-tax proposal aims to be “revenue neutral,” meaning all of the money the state collects from the tax on carbon will be returned to the people and businesses as tax breaks. So this shouldn’t be seen as an additional tax. It’s a different tax — a pollution tax.

If you believe that, you probably reply to emails saying they need to shelter some money, and if you’ll send them your social security number they share it with you, the modern day equivalent of jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge.

Notice throughout the article the notion that costs will go up quite a bit, but, hey, the government will supposedly refund money to consumers to make up for some of the cost increases. In reality, this doesn’t happen. In reality, the cost of energy becomes difficult to afford, hurting the very lower and middle class people it proports to defend. In reality, businesses up and leave, as well as reduce their workforce.

Notice from the first excerpt about “shorter travel”. One of the things the more hardcore Warmists have wanted was to restrict travel for citizens, something the wider parent Progressive movement has wanted. How better to control citizens than find ways to keep them in small areas?

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