Know What We Really Need To Solve “Climate Change”? A New Song!

It’s a Love-a-lution!

UNFCCC Newsroom presents a new entry in our special section Climate Song for Paris COP 21 which was kindly submitted by Diana Lindley. The song Love-a-lution- RIGHT NOW! was written and recorded to mark last September’s events in New York around the UN Secretary General’s Climate Summit and the Global Day of Action on Climate Change when more than 300.000 people marched in the streets of Manhattan and many more people did the same in cities around the world.

Love-a-lution- RIGHT NOW! (lyrics below) was performed by Oscar Riley (speech narration), Arlene Richardson (steel drum), Jonah Mamakeesic (drums, bass and production) and Diana Lindley (vocals, words and music).

You can see the lyrics in full at the link. Here’s how it starts


Join this Love-a-lution
Warriors heed
The calling of your hearts
Be part of the solution
Wherever you are …
It’s the place to start
Come on, come on, come on, come on
Come on, come on, come on

So exciting!!!!!!! Actually, the music and tempo is about as depressing as the people pushing the issue. But, hey, it’s a Love-a-lution! And a……government policy issue

This is a government policy issue …
The fate of ALL people is at stake!
Decisions that are being made by world leaders
Will decide the future of life on Earth.
According to the latest science,
We must ACT NOW
To begin our transition
To a 100 percent carbon-free
Clean energy economy.
To ensure our future …
We can and must
Decrease our carbon emissions
Starting NOW!
We absolutely must
STOP burning fossil fuels
In the coming decades
Humanity has fallen
Out of balance
With Natural laws…

Huh. Perhaps we could start with all Warmists giving up their own use of fossil fuels. Most especially, all those who are going to take long fossil fueled flights, including all those who’ll fly private jets, to Paris for COP21 (Conference on the Parties).

It is interesting that all solutions seem to involve Big Government, don’t you think?

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