Left-Wing Climate Alarmists Caught FAKING Sea Level Rises

Left-Wing Climate Alarmists Caught FAKING Sea Level Rises

Climate change is real. The climate is always changing and it has done so since long before humans existed. It will continue to change long after humans are gone, as well.

But some people seem to think that human beings are having a negative impact on our environment and are causing the climate to change more rapidly than we’ve seen in the past. One of the things these alarmists like to claim is that we’re seeing rising sea levels which are a result of glaciers melting at an unsustainable rate.

It seemed like all the data was there to back up their claims, too. Until, that is, two scientists decided to blow the whistle and let everyone know that things weren’t what they seemed.

Data from the Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level appeared to show a dramatic rise in the sea levels of three “Indian Ocean gauges” that would be enough to concern even the harshest of skeptics. But it turns out that the “data” in question had be altered by record keepers and the unadjusted data showed that the levels of the Aden, Karachi and Mumbai, had been gently rising, lowering, or staying neutral. In other words, things were as they should be and the way they have always been.

Two Australian scientists, Dr. Albert Parker and Dr. Clifford Ollier wrote a paper for the Earth Systems and Environment in which they called out the forgery in no uncertain terms.

“What is proposed as a single record in databases such as the Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level (PSMSL) (PSMSL 2017a) is often the composition of data collected by different instruments, sometimes in different locations or over different time windows, with significant gaps in between one measurement and the others,” they write.

They go on to say that it is not entirely uncommon for the data collected to be spliced together by scientists, as they have to collect it differently at different times. That wasn’t the problem.

The problem lies with how the data was composed, which invariably showed a dramatic rise in sea levels. This is in direct contrast with global collections that appear to show this area being almost tragically boring in how stable it is.

“The reconstructed tide gauge records of Aden, Mumbai and Karachi are perfectly consistent with multiple lines of evidence from other key sites of the Indian Ocean including Qatar, Maldives, Bangladesh and Visakhapatnam,” they explain. “The sea levels have been stable since the start of the twentieth century in Aden similar to Karachi and Mumbai.”

It is not surprising that the climate alarmists would fudge data to “prove” that their theories on global warming are true, but the unadulterated facts simply don’t support them. The climate is in a constant state of flux, occasionally having periods of extreme weather (like ice ages and good luck blaming that on the caveman’s SUV, Linda), but these people seem to want us to believe that we are all eco-terrorists who are personally melting ice caps with our behavior. It’s ridiculous and quite frankly sad how desperate they’ve become.

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