Lunatics Plan to Pollute in the Name of Global Warming

By now most everyone understands that the Great Global Warming Swindle is essentially over. But just as fanatical Japanese soldiers were said to hole up in island caves, ready to fight to the death for their emperor long after the end of WWII, there are still isolated pockets of puerility in which true believers have managed to insulate themselves from news of the hoax’s collapse. Willfully cut off from reality, even now they feverishly scheme to save the earth from imaginary threats. Here’s a look at the technology they’ve developed:


From Popular Science:

The idea is to mimic the effect that volcanoes have when they erupt, pumping all kinds of particulate matter into the stratosphere that helps reflect solar radiation back into space. And while using a balloon and a long stretch of hose to create an artificial volcano may sound a bit “mad scientist,” the UK government is on board, putting more than $2.5 million behind the project. The Royal Society is backing this.

To test the stratospheric particle injection for climate engineering (that’s right: SPICE) project, the team will first send a smaller hose-augmented balloon up just over half a mile, pumping plain water into the air just to test the feasibility of piping particles into the sky. If it looks like they can reasonably stabilize a balloon and hose system at that altitude, work could go ahead on the real deal: a balloon that could be some 650 feet in diameter that would soar all the way into the stratosphere, elongated garden hose in tow.

That rig would more likely spew sulphates and other aerosols into the air that would reflect sunlight back into space.

Only moonbats — and closely related vampires — would want to prevent life-giving sunlight from reaching the earth. Aren’t there laws against dumping toxic garbage in the air?

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