Maps Show What Americans Think Of Hotcoldwetdry

Sadly, the Cult of Climastrology keeps collapsing

(Bloomberg) Researchers at Yale have unveiled a new interactive map that estimates public opinion on global warming right down to the county level.

As a nation, 63 percent of Americans believe that the globe is warming. (Note: It is.) But that single statistic reveals little about what people in different states, local communities, and congressional districts think. The research, which was published today in the journal Nature Climate Change, makes estimates for those geographies and asks…..

The article provides seven maps. Here are the first two, the most relevant

The world has most definitely warmed. I, and most Skeptics, agree. But, this question makes no differentiation as to causation. The next one does

After 25+ years of spreading awareness, after all the hysteria, doomsaying, hysterics, scary stories, etc, despite owning the majority of the media which compliantly pushes the Warmist doctrine, despite all the private and taxpayer money dumped into pushing “climate change”, the best they can do is 48% for “mostly human activities”. Bummer.

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