March For (Fake) Science Demonstrators Say They’re The Real Patriots Or Something

March For (Fake) Science Demonstrators Say They’re The Real Patriots Or Something

And it was totally not political!

(NBC News) It’s not often that bugs get whoops and cheers.

Lovers of science got their day in the rain Saturday as they rallied around their passions, delivering applause for the technology that brought their smart phones to the obvious theme of climate change on Earth Day.

Scientists didn’t create smartphones: engineers did. Furthermore, Warmists tell us that all the mining and use of electricity for smartphones is Bad for ‘climate change’ and the overall environment (which are two separate issues).

And while the March for Science was on the surface nonpartisan, politics bubbled up again and again.

Zoom in on those buttons. I have lots and lots of photos in my timeline highlighting the whole “totally not political” thing.

Some March for Science speakers invoked patriotism and love of country as their motivation. “I am a patriot. I fight for spacious skies. I fight for amber waves of grain,” said photographer James Balog, founder of the Extreme Ice Survey and Earth Vision Institute.

But, is he really a patriot when he, and so many, took fossil fueled flights and car trips?

“We are in a system where science is thought of as a joke or a belief,” said Cody Eckert, a consultant from Arlington, Virginia who led chants as the cheering crowd marched along Constitution Avenue between the White House and the Washington Monument.

“But science is facts and it’s reality. To deny reality and deny facts is absurdity and I refuse to live in a system that’s absurd,” Eckert told NBC News.

Maybe you should rethink your mascots. First, Bill Nye the Science Guy, prominently featured at the D.C. march, is actually not a scientist. And then

Neither Beaker, who showed up all over the place, nor Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, are, surprisingly, actual scientists. Nor real. Perfect for representing ‘climate science.’

And there were lots of “pussy hats” being worn by women and men. Just for clarity, what some were thinking were pussy hats were actually pink brain hats. There were plenty of tweets about how awesome science is from people with degrees in things that end in Studies. And lots of signs about Other People having their tax money being used to fund science….like shrimp on treadmills and failed climate models…but, funny how these same people aren’t offering to fund it themselves.

Really, this was all just one big anti-Trump hissy fit, like all the others. But, science!

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