McDonalds Is Not Loving The Cow Flatulence In Britain

Your Mom asks if everyone else was jumping off the AGW bridge, would you? Apparently, McDonalds answer is a resounding “yes”. Headline

McDonald’s seeks to cut cows’ methane emissions

Three-year study by burger giant aims to reduce pollution from flatulent livestock

So now methane, a natural gas produced, in this case, inside one of God’s creatures, is a pollutant? When I think of pollutants, I think of smog, not natural stuff.

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McDonald’s has long been the butt of jokes about what goes into its burgers, but now it is to spend thousands of pounds investigating what comes out of its beef cows.

Anyone want to place a bet on how much the cost of burgers goes up in Britain?

The fast food chain, which uses beef from 350,000 cattle a year for its burger meat, is to conduct a three-year study into methane emissions from cattle on 350 farms across Britain. Gas produced by flatulent livestock accounts for 4% of the UK’s total carbon emissions. It is 23 times more powerful than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse agent.

??????? Methane is now carbon? This is the same kind of muddle headed thinking that goes into the rest of climate alarmist studies and talking points, such as “global warming is causing the current mega cold and snow spell in the Northern hemisphere.” There is no doubt that methane is a potent greenhouse gas, much worse than CO2, as I have said time and time again, and there are certainly things we can do, particularly in looking at new methods to reduce the methane that comes from our landfills, but, come on, cow farts? If you look back at the UN IPCC reports and others, you will see that agriculture accounts for the largest release of greenhouse gasses from Mankind.

Cows eat plants, making them flatulent. That’s nature. And the chicken littles want mess with that. However, it is highly doubtful that any changes will come from this “ground breaking project” (except a few companies making a ton off of Mickey D’s, and customers paying more)

The scheme is part of a broader attempt by Steve Easterbrook [CEO of McDonalds UK] to rebrand McDonald’s in the UK as a more socially aware and environmentally friendly organisation.

In other words, they want to look good, much like the way Al Gore lives a massive carbon lifestyle but purchases carbon offsets (from his own company, of course.)

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