Michael “Robust Debate” Mann To Write Book Telling Kids To Throw Tantrums

Michael “Robust Debate” Mann To Write Book Telling Kids To Throw Tantrums

And he’s doing it in the most Cult of Climastrology manner

(Daily Caller) An Australian author and noted climate scientist are asking for donations to publish a children’s book that “explains climate change to kids and empowers them to act” and is also carbon neutral, according to their KickStarter page.

The children’s book, “The Tantrum That Saved The World,” encourages kids to become global warming activists.

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Author Megan Herbert and scientist Michael Mann want to publish a children’s book that tells a “story about a little girl who comes face to face with an enormous challenge, feels all kinds of frustration as she tries to overcome it, and then channels those strong emotions into action, rallying all those around her to do the same,” the authors wrote on KickStarter.

In a promotional video, Herbert said that while parents should ordinarily discourage kids from throwing tantrums, “these are not ordinary times.”

“This is the one time we should encourage our kids to make a bit of noise,” Herbert said. “They didn’t create this mess, and they have every right to be upset about it.” She added that those emotions should be channeled into “positive actions.”

What are those positive actions? They do not say. You’ll have to get the book, but, we can pretty much guess that they are the same old Big Government, big fees/taxes, and so forth actions. Spreading awareness while demanding that Other People be forced to comply.

They say that they have the book done. But, they still need final editing and proofing, then scanning, then book design. Which is where Kickstarter comes in. If they do not get enough pledges with money to buy the book, they won’t do it. In other words, give them money for a product that is not ready. Perfect Cult of Climastrology.

That and the tantrums.

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