So Much for the End of Snow

Four days after the blizzard started, the Debt Star is still digging out of the snow:

The capital of the world’s leading superpower remained semi-paralyzed Tuesday as residents struggled to remove mountains of snow dumped in a weekend blizzard.

The federal government and area schools were closed for a second day in a row, as convoys of giant snow blowers and front loaders cruised the downtown streets clearing the main avenues.

The storm, which affected some 85 million people, was blamed for at least 33 deaths as it slammed much of the US east coast from Friday into early Sunday. …

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It was hard enough getting people to work, as tens of thousands of suburbanites were unable to move their cars, trapped until a snowplow came to clear their neighborhood roads. The snow also disrupted garbage pickup and mail delivery. …

“From my estimation we got more snow than I have ever seen in Washington, DC,” Mayor Muriel Bowser told CNN. “We are working hard to dig out all of our residential streets.”

According to the ideology of the bureauweenies struggling to get to work through the mess left by the blizzard, snow should be disappearing:

It’s been nearly two years since The New York Times published an article claiming the “end of snow” was nigh because of man-made global warming. …

An Oregon State University hydroclimatologist echoed the same sentiment to NPR recently, telling the news outlet to enjoy snow now “because there’s a whole lot less of it,” especially in the Western U.S., due to warming. …

Scientists and activists have been predicting for the last 16 years that snowfall would rapidly decline and virtually disappear as the Earth warmed due to man-made carbon dioxide emissions being put into the atmosphere.

In 2000, climate scientist David Viner with the University of East Anglia told reporters, “Children just aren’t going to know what snow is.” Viner argued global warming would make snowfall “a very rare and exciting event”.

University of East Anglia, which has taken a lead role in generating global warming propaganda on behalf of greedy, power-mad politicians, was ground zero for Climategate, the scandal that revealed the global warming academic apparatus as a fraudulent racket that deliberately generates lies.

Will 22 inches of snow be enough to make an impression on our rulers in Washington? Of course not. All weather phenomena are caused by anthropogenic global warming — including snow.

It could never pile up high enough to make an impression.

On tips from Stormfax and Torcer. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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