New Study: Trees Cause Global Warming

Members of the global warming cult emit as much harmless CO2 as anyone else, and in the case of the high priesthood, vastly more than most. But jet-setters like Al Gore absolve themselves of their climate sins by buying indulges, also known as “carbon offsets.” The money mostly goes into the pocket of greedy global warming profiteers, but some of it is spent on planting trees; this theoretically restores the climate stasis that has never existed and never will exist but that we are told we cannot live without. However,

A new study, published Thursday in the journal Science, shows that an expansion of forests towards dark green conifers in Europe has stoked global warming. The findings challenge the widespread view that planting more trees helps human efforts to slow the Earth’s rising temperatures. …

“Two and a half centuries of forest management in Europe have not cooled the climate,” a team of scientists led by France’s Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l’Environnement wrote.

While the area of Europe’s forests has expanded by 10 percent since 1750, the continent’s summer temperatures have increased 0.12 degree Celsius (0.2 Fahrenheit). The scientists say that’s largely because many nations have planted conifers such as pines and spruces whose dark color traps the sun’s heat.

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As always, man’s productive activities are to blame:

Lighter-colored broad-leafed trees, such as oak or birch, reflect more sunlight. But fast-growing conifers, which are used for everything from building materials to pulp, have long outpaced them.

No worries, tree planters. Another study is bound to come along to prove that trees cause global cooling. When it comes to climate, for every study proving one thing, there is another proving the opposite. There are no facts, only theories.


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