New Warmist Talking Point: We Must All Adapt To Climate Change

More and more lately, the climate alarmists have been beating the drum about the need to adapt to globull warming/climate change/catastrophic climate readjustment/whatever they are calling it right now. They may be insane, but, doesn’t mean they are stupid. Think Hannibal Lecter (yeah, I know he is a fictional character, but, then, globull warming is a fictional issue). They see the writing on the wall, namely, that they are not going to be able to shove their wealth redistribution and economic, social, political, and personal controls down people’s throats (and by people, alarmists mean “everyone else but themselves.”) So, why not push planning for the coming worldwide extreme climate (say, how’d that work in Australia?) in order to achieve those same wealth redistribution and control ends? Time to ruggedize: We should talk more about preparing for climate change

Back when I started covering my beat, it was conventional wisdom among greenies that it’s best not to talk too much about adapting to climate change. The worry was that it might lure people into a false sense of security, get them thinking there’s no need to cut emissions since they can adapt to whatever changes come.

I’ve come to think that this is a deeply counterproductive way of looking at things. In fact, adaptation may be the most effective way to approach climate change.

What got me thinking about this most recently was a presentation I saw from Cara Pike of the Social Capital Project called “Communicating About Climate Preparation & Adaptation.” You should check it out, along with SCP’s longer report, “Climate Communications and Behavior Change: A Guide for Practitioners.” A lot of what follows is purloined from those sources.

Lest you think David Roberts at Grist is the only one talking about this

And, yes, we can adapt to climate change, and, by climate change, I mean the 4.5 billion year old fact that the climate will change regardless of what Mankind is doing. We just don’t need all sorts of ponzi schemes and destructive controls in order to do it. That’s one of the great things about modern life: we have the means to adapt. We won’t be wiped out like the Vikings were in Iceland and Greenland when the climate shifted from a very warm one to a cold one. Unless the warmists manage to make energy so darned expensive and restricted that we all freeze to death.

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