The Next Climate Threshold Could Maybe Possibly Come In 15 Years Or Something

The Next Climate Threshold Could Maybe Possibly Come In 15 Years Or Something

The next failed tipping point is just on the horizon! Everybody panic!

Earth could break through a major climate threshold in the next 15 years, study says

Global temperatures could exceed 1.5 degrees Celsius above their preindustrial levels within the next 15 years, according to a new scientific study, crossing the first threshold under the Paris climate agreement and placing the world at a potentially dangerous level of climate change.

The report comes as climate agreement participants are watching the United States — where the Trump administration is debating whether to withdraw from the Paris accord — and as scientists with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change are working on a special report about the 1.5-degree goal (equivalent to 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit) and the consequences of overshooting it.

According to the vast majority of computer models, that threshold should have been crossed years ago. I wonder what went wrong?

That IPCC’s upcoming special report and the increasing urgency about minimizing global warming were one impetus for the study, according to co-author Benjamin Henley, a research fellow at the University of Melbourne in Australia. “We are working on a number of scientific avenues to help inform that report,” he told The Washington Post.

In other words, this was a political, not scientific, document. It’s meant for policy makers, the same ones who continuously use lots and lots of fossil fuels running around the world to their conferences while demanding that Everyone Else be stopped by Government from using fossil fuels. Oh, and recommending lots of fees and taxes along with more Governmental control of people’s lives. That’s what this is all about.

Meanwhile, President Trump will hold off on his decision regarding the Paris Climate Agreement till after the G7. This is getting tiresome, and makes me wonder if he’ll ever keep his promise to cancel America’s involvement in it.

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