Nothing Says “Stop Climate Change!” Like Driving A Gas Sucking Race Car

They just can’t help themselves in their climahypocrisy

Stock car racing fans at Kansas Speedway on September 30 will receive an unusual message from one of the cars speeding around the track: America needs to compete in the “Race to Energy Independence.”

“Partnering with Operation Free and Sturman Industries is great symmetry for my efforts to promote environmental responsibility and pollution reduction. America’s veterans have sacrificed so much for the rest of us and we should listen to their message that reducing our dependence on foreign oil and addressing climate change must be a national security priority for America,” said Leilani Munter.

“Racing fans, like most Americans, want a future where our energy security is ensured. Partnering the veterans of Operation Free with a dynamic person like Leilani and her team with help us reach a vast, new audience with our message that energy independence and addressing climate change are national security priorities that we can all support. America needs to compete in the ‘Race to Energy Independence’ for more jobs, less pollution, and greater security,” said Jonathan Powers, former U.S. Army Captain and COO of the Truman National Security Project.

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Hey, I’m all for the parts about energy independence and (real) pollution reduction, yet, it is rather silly to be driving a gas guzzling race car, not exactly the models for clean, either, to promote climate change.

And, yes, she is a massive climate alarmist and hypocrite. She has been driving race cars for around a decade, and she has apparently taken trips to Fiji, Hawaii, and New Zealand. Her website is all about the green and the racing. Oh, hey, look, she flew to Japan. She also has many ideas for you to follow. I can’t find one about “stop using massive amounts of oil to fly around the country and the world, much less the race track.” Remember, cutting back is for everyone else, not for the people who need to “spread awareness.”

Just to be clear, I do agree quite a bit with many of her ideas for a cleaner world, with recycling, and with energy independence and alternative sources. I just find her climate alarmism plain silly based on her job and lifestyle.

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