Now Global Warming Is Bad Because It Will Reduce Human Reproduction

According to progressive ideology, human reproduction is a bad thing, because it theoretically causes global warming. But now we learn that global warming is a bad thing, because it will theoretically reduce human reproduction:

Temperature impacts the sexual patterns of human beings for two reasons, according to Professor [Alan] Barreca [of Tulane].

One reason he gave was that human beings did not want to exert themselves physically in hot weather, due to possible discomfort.

The second reason was more scientific.

“The effect of temperature on the production of sperm — that’s been shown to be pretty strong in animals,” Professor Barreca said.

“When you expose a bull to high temperatures, sperm motility and sperm count fall right off.”

He said with the onset of climate change and global warming, the implications could grow.

“According to a state of the art global circulation model, there is going to be about 90 hot days per year by the end of the 21st century — that’s about 60 more days than we currently experience,” he said.

“Using our estimates, we project that the number of births will fall by about 107,000 per year in the United States by the end of the 21st century.”

This explains why people reproduce so slowly in tropical climates. If only we could raise energy taxes high enough to reverse global warming, we might be able to solve Africa’s depopulation problem.

Just kidding. The population in Africa is exploding at an alarming rate. Maybe we don’t have enough global warming yet.

Anyone truly worried about a drop in the birth rate in advanced countries should address real causes, like feminism, abortion, and the decline of marriage.

It must be nice and cool in Africa.

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