Oh, Noes! Climate Change (Hoax) Almost Ruined Thanksgiving!

You had to know it was coming. Prior to every big holiday, there seems to be at least a few stories which combine AGW and the holiday in some fashion. And, right on time, here we have uber GINK (green inclinations, no kids) Jess Zimmerman, one of Grist’s leading proponents of population reduction, going unhinged: How extreme weather almost aborted this year’s Thanksgiving meal

It’s a miracle Thanksgiving is happening this year at all, given all the extreme weather we’ve had. If you’re wondering when climate change will start affecting us in ways that are heartbreaking as well as economically painful, here’s how this year’s feast almost didn’t happen.

How so? Jess highlights it in pictures

Because heat waves never happened before. Uh huh. Also mentioned in two of the pictures was heavy rain causing veggie and wheat problems. Because heavy rain never happened before. And

Because tropical storms never ever happened prior to 1980. I’ve said before and I’ll say again, one of my major beefs with the Warmist cult(ure) is that they blame everything on AGW. And they do blame everything

So……greenhouse gases caused a cold spring in California? WTF? These people are bat guano crazy, and really do think you’re stupid. And if you buy into their insane cult, you are stupid. Majorly stupid. And you still probably fail to live the life you say everyone else should live.

The funny part is, despite these issues, Thanksgiving is going to happen just fine. People have turkey, veggies, and wine.

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