Old Guard Republicans and Business Allies Push Carbon Tax

Old Guard Republicans and Business Allies Push Carbon Tax

When Democrats are out of power, the threat comes at you from behind:

A group of prominent Republicans and business leaders backing a tax on carbon dioxide were taking their case Wednesday to top White House aides, including chief economic adviser Gary Cohn.

The group, including former Treasury Secretaries Hank Paulson and James Baker, is pressing President Donald Trump to tax carbon dioxide in exchange for abolishing a slew of environmental regulations.

No need for exchanges. Just abolish the regulations. Unless of course these people actually want a carbon tax.

Something is always rotten when Big Business asks for more Big Government. These aren’t the sort of flakes who think lowering our standard of living will improve the weather. Someone expects to make money off this — not the honest way (by providing a valuable product or service), but the progressive way (through coercion).

Absurdly, a carbon tax is being passed off by RINO statists as a “free-market approach” to the fictional problem of global warming.

The blueprint involves a $40 tax on every metric ton of carbon dioxide released by burning fossil fuels, with the price climbing over time. To avoid an undue burden on the poor from the higher energy bills that would result, the projected $200 billion to $300 billion in annual revenue would be redistributed to households in the form of quarterly checks from the Social Security Administration. Families of four would see an average annual payout of $2,000 under the plan.

When Democrats impose this sort of tyranny, it is correctly identified as wealth redistribution. Whenever wealth is redistributed, it primarily benefits the redistributors — and those who have a seat at their table.

An advocate of a carbon tax.

On a tip from Sean C. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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