Pathetic: Warmists Now Trying To Connect With “JoeSixpack”

Here’s the latest attempt to somehow create a notion that globull warming is evil and going to destroy us all, because the climate has never changed ever in the 4+ billion year history of the Earth. RealClimate says

Perhaps a way to connect with Joe Sixpack?


Click the image to open up in full page. Monster giant size at the RealClimate post.

The image comes from somewhere in the Artist As Citizens climate alarmist project…say, isn’t paint bad for the environment? If you use synthetics, things like polyurethane and styrene-butadene are included. And you kill plants that are used to make pigments. And, if you just do it on the computer, it uses energy which comes mostly from coal. Guess alarmists have to give up painting for Gaia.

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