Peter Spencer’s Hunger Strike Against Environmentalist Tyranny

Just because you don’t often hear about it on the news doesn’t mean people aren’t paying a heavy price for the rise of eco-totalitarianism. A prime example is Peter Spencer of Australia, who is fighting back with a hunger strike:

Mr Spencer, who is chained to a wind tower more than 20m above ground, claims the government declared his property in Shannons Flat, north of Cooma, a carbon sink without offering any compensation.

He says the move has left him unable to earn a living because he cannot clear land and redevelop the farm, and he is demanding a personal meeting with Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to discuss the issue.

Responded a spokestyrant for Rudd:

The Government sets policy in the national interest. This policy will not be changed by threats of violence or self-harm.

No one sane enough to be walking around without a straitjacket believes that it serves any national interest for Australia’s moonbat rulers to drive farmers into bankruptcy by preventing them from using their own land. People are finally waking up and getting mad:

Protesters cheered Nationals senator Barnaby Joyce and heckled Liberal senator Bill Heffernan as they rallied yesterday outside Parliament House in support of a farmer who has not eaten for more than a month.

Peter Spencer, of Shannons Flat near Cooma, was yesterday on the 43rd day of his hunger strike, aiming to highlight NSW laws that prevent him from clearing vegetation on his land.

Mr Spencer’s cause has drawn together many elements of the climate sceptics network, mobilised via blogs, and renewed tensions between the Liberal and National parties as the coalition seeks to unite under Tony Abbott’s leadership after a year of infighting.

Senator Heffernan, a member of the Howard government when the land-use laws were introduced a decade ago to help meet emissions reduction targets under the Kyoto Protocol, has criticised Mr Spencer’s supporters for not doing more to end his hunger strike.

”I think it’s barbaric, that we’re all sitting around here wondering how long the bloke is going to last up the tree before he dies. I think they absolutely this afternoon should go and get him, and take him to hospital,” Senator Heffernan said.

He said the land-clearing regulations were flawed but that not all land was suitable for farming.

”I’m used to being booed down,” he said afterwards. ”People sometimes don’t like to hear what they need to hear.”

In contrast, Senator Joyce was cheered by more than 200 demonstrators who waved placards and Eureka flags.

”The Australian people are starting to say we’ve had enough of being signed up to these agreements,” Senator Joyce said, ”where you get the kudos, or the happy clapping in Bali or some conference, but the bill goes home to the working families, the bill goes home to the family farm.”

Conservatives who have the guts to denounce the global warming power grab will be rewarded at the ballot box. Fools and scoundrels who play along with it will be driven out of conservative parties, or those parties will rightfully shrivel and die.

JoNova has plenty more on Peter Spencer and the resistance he has galvanized.

Peter Spencer won’t be the last to starve if ecofascists don’t leave farms alone.

On a tip from Jim M. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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