Poll: Developed World Not That Concerned With “Climate Change”

After 25+ years of spreading awareness, of unhinged pronouncements of doom, massive spending by government and special interests (who are often funded by government) in support of Doing Something about “climate change”, this is the best that can be accomplished

(Pew) Concern about climate change is relatively low in Europe. While a median of 42% report being very concerned, global climate change is not one of the top two threats in any European country surveyed. Anxiety about this issue is highest in Spain (59%), but just 14% in Poland say the same. In a number of European nations, concern about climate change is more pronounced for those on the left of the political spectrum. Ideological differences are particularly large in the United Kingdom, where about half of those on the left (49%) express serious concerns, compared with 30% of those on the right. Those to the left of the political center are also considerably more concerned about global climate change in Italy, France and Spain.

Global climate change ranks substantially lower as a comparative global threat for Americans, with 42% saying they are very concerned about the issue. The only global issue that is even less worrying to Americans: territorial disputes between China and its neighbors (30%). Much like in Europe, perceptions in the U.S. about the threat of climate change depend on ideology. About six-in-ten Democrats (62%) are very concerned about climate change, while just 20% of Republicans say the same.

Here’s how it all breaks down

So, only in Latin America and Africa, where education is much less, and they want lots of that redistributed cash, does concern over Hotcoldwetdry break the 50% barrier. Concern over ISIS is higher, since it tends to be a real threat, unlike the tiny increase in global temperatures (1.4F since 1850).

So, after all this time, after the constant promotion of doom from the news media, special interests, government, this is the best they can do.

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