President Trump Might Mean “Game Over For The Climate’

Another typical freakout from the Cult of Climastrology

Donald Trump presidency a ‘disaster for the planet’, warn climate scientists
Leading scientists say the climate denier’s victory could mean ‘game over for the climate’ and any hope of warding off dangerous global warming

The ripples from a new American president are far-reaching, but never before has the arrival of a White House administration placed the livability of Earth at stake. Beyond his bluster and crude taunts, Donald Trump’s climate denialism could prove to be the lasting imprint of his unexpected presidency.

“A Trump presidency might be game over for the climate,” said Michael Mann, a prominent climate researcher. “It might make it impossible to stabilize planetary warming below dangerous levels.”

Kevin Trenberth, senior scientist at the US National Center for Atmospheric Research, added: “This is an unmitigated disaster for the planet.”

Say the people who scoot around the planet in fossil fueled vehicles spreading awareness and demanding policies that raising the cost of living for the middle and lower classes while not only making them more dependent on government buy also dramatically increasing the power of government over citizen’s lives and increasing taxes and fees to the government.

“Millions of Americans voted for a coal-loving climate denier willing to condemn people around the globe to poverty, famine and death from climate change,” said Benjamin Schreiber, climate director at Friends of the Earth US. “It seems undeniable that the United States will become a rogue state on climate change.”

A rogue state! Hooray! What Warmists are really concerned with is not being able to initiate a more Progressive (nice Fascist) governmental structure, and that their own funding emanating from the government might dry up. And you can bet if the money dries up they’ll no longer care that much, and they’ll lose prestige and power of their own.

The funny part here is that, while Trump will certainly push policies that increase America’s use of it’s own fossil fuels, along with working with Canada to get some of theirs (which would simply decrease America’s reliance on nations that have terrorist leanings), he will surely, based on what he has said, look to implement smart projects to increase the use of renewables. Rather than just slapping up solar and wind farms that are expensive and cannot survive without actual subsidies, to go with all the tax breaks that fossil fuels companies (and almost every company can use) get, he will implement policies which will do more R&D to develop renewables that actually work and are cost effective. Trump is not beholden to donors like Obama, and won’t use this to repay donors.

If renewables could be developed that were cost effective, provide a lot of power for a much lower price, could put the people in charge of their own power needs, and there are other things, like freeing electric car makers to develop, wouldn’t that be a good thing? Not in Warmist World, because this is not about science, it’s about politics, and they won’t like it that government doesn’t grow.

Regardless, the planet will be fine. Warmists might need to seek mental health counselors, though.

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