Prince Charles Gibbers That Climate Change Is Root Cause of Muslim Violence and Dysfunction

A liberal is someone who, instead of looking for solutions to problems, looks for “root causes.” An inbred idiot liberal is someone who thinks the root cause of Islamic violence is climate change — like Prince Chucklehead:

Britain’s Prince Charles has pointed to the world’s failure to tackle climate change as a root cause of the civil war in Syria, terrorism and the consequent refugee crisis engulfing Europe. …

The prince said in an interview with Sky News, to be aired on Monday and recorded before the Nov. 13 attacks in Paris, that such symptoms were a “classic case of not dealing with the problem”.

A liberal Islamophile wants to tell us all about not dealing with the problem of Islam.

“We never deal with the underlying root cause which regrettably is what we’re doing to our natural environment,” he said, noting that far greater problems lay ahead if climate change was not addressed immediately.

To those who argue that Islam has been explosively violent since its inception 1,400 years ago, Charles could reply that there has been climate change that whole time, since there has always been climate change. But imagine the befuddled look on his face if a journalist ever thinks to ask him why climate change turns only Muslims into violent sociopaths and not everyone else.

Don’t laugh too hard. Our “president” and the moonbat lined up to replace him both agree with Prince Chuckles that the chaos pouring out of Syria is caused by insufficient taxation and regulation of carbon emissions.

prince charles
The plant will absorb carbon and save us.

On tips from Bodhisattva, Torcer, Jester, and Steve A. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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