Professor Demands Government Bring Down Its Fist Upon Global Warming Skeptics

The totalitarian leftism that prevails on university campuses sometimes spills out onto editorial pages for all to see. An alarming example is an authoritarian diatribe in favor of using criminal penalties to silence skeptics of the global warming hoax by Michael E. Kraft, professor emeritus of political science and public and environmental affairs at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.

Fossil fuels keep the lights on, keep our homes warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and make cars and airplanes go. They enable our standard of living. Leftists disapprove of our standard of living. Unsurprisingly, they also disapprove of fossil fuels, which they accuse without evidence of making it be too hot outside. Those who won’t pretend to believe them are a threat to the leftist agenda, and therefore must be silenced by force:

Members of Congress have asked the Justice Department to pursue charges under RICO against major fossil fuel companies for knowingly deceiving the public — and investors — about the dangers of climate change… Under questioning by Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., Attorney General Loretta Lynch revealed she has referred the matter to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for study.

In addition, in late March, more than a dozen state attorneys general meeting in New York also said they would “aggressively” investigate whether fossil fuel companies misled the public and investors about the risks of climate change. Several state attorneys general already have initiated such investigations under consumer and investor protection laws.

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According to Kraft, there is a problem with this ham-fisted Lysenkoism — it doesn’t go far enough:

Some ask whether such inquiries should be limited to fossil fuel companies. What about extending the liability, they say, to certain think tanks and advocacy groups?

Some such groups have been heavily funded by the fossil fuel industry and have misrepresented climate change risks to the public. That might be a tougher sell, given rights to free speech, but it could be given consideration.

The Obama administration and other nations finally are acting on climate change. But their responses are modest in light of the challenges faced, and they will need to be supplemented over time with more effective initiatives. Will the public support tougher policies?

Not with critics constantly carping that the lack of statistically significant global warming for the past 23 years despite rising levels of harmless CO2 proves the entire theory of anthropogenic global warming to be false. That’s why there is

no sense of urgency about taking action, including the widely endorsed setting of a price on carbon.

They want to set a price on carbon. This should certainly open up revenue opportunities for Big Government, since carbon is the key component of all known life.

Next they will demonize water. After all, water vapor is a more potent greenhouse gas than CO2. Also, lots of people have drowned; so far as I know, no one has ever been directly harmed by CO2.

But first those who won’t pretend that fossil fuels make it be too hot out need to be dealt with:

Those who intentionally misled the public about climate change should be held accountable.

To intentionally mislead is to disseminate information that undermines the climate agenda. If lunatic tyrants like Al Gore and Professor Emeritus Michael E. Kraft had their way, it would be illegal to write what you just read. Even reading it might become a crime.

Thugs like Kraft are far scarier than anything the weather may have in store.

Michael Kraft
Professor Kraft wants the ideologically noncompliant held accountable.

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