Professor Proclaims We Must “Terminate Industrial Civilization” Because of Global Warming

When it comes to the global warming hoax, neo-Marxists like Obama who want to use it as a pretext to jack taxes through the stratosphere and incrementally impose a Soviet-style command and control economy are the moderates. Extremes exist even further to the left. The place to find them is academia, where developing young minds are guided:

Mankind is doomed unless we immediately de-industrialize and slash carbon dioxide emissions, according to Guy McPherson, emeritus professor from the University of Arizona.

McPherson appeared on Paul Henry’s New Zealand-based talk program to warn that global warming was “irreversible” and the only way to stop it is to “terminate industrial civilization.”

“I think there’s ample chance we can save the living planet, but not our species. … Some people think that this whole thing is about us,” McPherson told the Paul Henry Show. “We just showed up… I don’t think this is about us, I think it’s about the living planet.”

Professor McPherson’s proposal is straightforward:

“The only way to stop runaway climate change is to terminate industrial civilization,” he said.

Not even going back to a hand-to-mouth existence that could sustain only a small percentage of the current human population will be enough to save us from the fictional crisis.

When asked [if] there was any way mankind could stave off extinction from global warming, McPherson ominously responded all “we can do is enjoy and create moments of joy while we are here” because “humans will reach the end of the line in a relatively short time.”

Shouts the nutty professor:

“I’m suggesting we make this about the other organisms.”

This is liberalism taken to its logical conclusion. Treason is reflexive with liberals; they will always side with the other. That’s why our liberal overlords side with blacks against whites, non-Americans against Americans, Muslims against non-Muslims, the perverted against the normal, et cetera. It is only to be expected that they would consider the interests of “other organisms” to be paramount.

If satanic squids invaded from outer space to attack earthly organisms, liberals would drop their affection for polar bears and delta smelts and revere the satanic squids.

The mild (and welcome) warming trend that gave birth to the global warming hoax ended 18 years ago. But a belief system that could conceivably be exploited to “terminate” our civilization is too precious to give up on just because our thermometers have debunked it.

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