Pulling Out Of Non-Binding Paris Accord Will Cause The Planet To Fry Or Something

Pulling Out Of Non-Binding Paris Accord Will Cause The Planet To Fry Or Something

When it comes to Donald Trump pulling the U.S. out of the foolish Paris Climate Agreement that Obama agreed to, Liberals are sounding like their normal high school drama queen selves. Case in point: here’s CNN’s Mark Lynas

Trump’s stupidity on climate change will galvanize environmentalists

Withdrawing from the Paris climate accord is about the only predictable — even rational — move that President Trump has made since taking office.

Following embarrassing reversals on the Mexican wall, the Muslim immigration ban and other signature policies, he sees rejecting accepted orthodoxy on climate change as an easy deliverable to please his populist base.

Too bad it fries the planet. He was elected on this pledge, and he plans to deliver.

Fries the planet! From tiny increases in CO2. Despite there being essentially statistically insignificant warming for almost two decades in opposition to 95% of the computer models, and very little over the past few years, which is still not in agreement with the models. In fact, virtually nothing that’s been predicted has materialized. Wildfires are not worse, nor are thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, rainfall, droughts, snow has not become a thing of the past (of course, Warmists are now blaming snow on warming.) The Arctic hasn’t melted down, nor has Greenland, and the area which is showing big calving in Antarctica is from volcanic activity under the ice.

World leaders, who are super enthused to implement more Big Government and taxes/fees, are condemning Trump. Let them ruin their own economies. Suddenly, Liberals like Goldman-Sachs for slamming the move. Well, let GS implement their own company killing climate rules. Democrats are plotting revolution or something. Al Gore and his oversized carbon footprint had hissy fits, as did John Kerry and all his McMansions. The moonbattery has been epic

U.S. states, major companies break with Trump’s decision to exit the climate deal

Thirty states and scores of companies said Thursday that they would press ahead with their climate policies and pursue lower greenhouse gas emissions, breaking sharply with President Trump’s decision to exit the historic Paris climate accord.

In a pointed rebuttal to Trump’s announcement in the rose garden of the White House, New York’s governor unveiled a plan to invest $1.5 billion in renewable energy and energy efficiency on Thursday, the largest ever procurement of renewable energy by an American state.

Meanwhile, more than two dozen big companies — including Apple, Morgan Stanley, and Royal Dutch Shell — urged Trump not to exit the Paris treaty on Thursday.

Of course, California is doing their nutty part. Not sure where they’ll get the money, since their single payer health system plan will bankrupt them. Many cities have Big Plans. Guess what? That’s the way it should be, per the Constitution. If states, municipalities, and private entities want to Do Something, go for it. This has no place in the federal government.

Of course, what will they actually do? It certainly won’t be voluntarily practicing what they preach. Don’t expect most companies to make big changes which hurt their productivity and bottom dollar. But, hey, if they create the next big clean energy, great! That’s the way it shoudl work. Cities and states will use the carrot and stick approach. The stick is lots of restrictive rules, regs, and laws (which never seem to bother the rich people who push this the hardest) along with taxes and fees (again, they don’t bother the rich who push it), then the carrot, which is a percentage refund back to citizens who’ve seen their energy and living costs rise. Which makes them more dependent on Government. Funny how that works out, eh?

In reality, it’s probably 16 states or less, since 33 are controlled by Republican governors, 16 by Dems, and 1 independent. But, hey, let’s see those Dems work their magic. Show us the way. Practice what they preach. Act like it’s a crisis, rather than an excuse to implement Progressivism (nice fascism).

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