Rising Carbon Dioxide Levels Are Great, but Unfortunately Are Not Making It Warmer

If there is anyone left (besides Obama and the Pope) who still takes the global warming hoax seriously, this story may prove helpful:

Global Sea Ice Breaks Record High For The Day – Antarctic Sea Ice Also Breaks Record High For the Day

Closer to home,

A storm has slammed parts of Southern California, unleashing snow and rain that will focus on the Southwestern states into 2015.

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The storm will continue to usher in frigid air, bringing a frost and freeze to a large part of California into the end of the week. …

Temperatures are forecast to drop as low as the middle 20s to near 30 degrees for a couple of hours in agricultural areas of Southern California Thursday night into Friday night.

As for the skyrocketing carbon dioxide levels that according to global warming theory should have ruined the planet by now,

Tropical forests are growing faster than scientists thought due to rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

A Nasa-led study has found that tropical forests are absorbing 1.5 billion tons of carbon dioxide every year as they photosynthesise and grow. …

As emissions add more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, forests worldwide are using it to grow faster.

As some of us are old enough to have been taught in grade school, carbon dioxide is a good thing, because it makes plants grow — not just jungles, but also crops needed to feed people. After absorbing carbon dioxide, plants emit the oxygen we need for breathing.

But carbon dioxide emissions do have one shortcoming: they do not make the weather warmer.

Plants thank you for your carbon footprint.

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