We’re Saved: You Too Can Now Take A Fossil Fueled Trip To Visit A Permanent Climate Change Visitor Center

We’re Saved: You Too Can Now Take A Fossil Fueled Trip To Visit A Permanent Climate Change Visitor Center

This is super exciting news, you guys.

It’s great that Richard Branson showed up. I wonder what the carbon footprint was for the flight?

(Lonely Planet) The first ever permanent visitor centre dedicated to climate change has opened in County Wicklow, Ireland, featuring an interactive experience aimed at inspiring positive action.

Located on the picturesque grounds of Powerscourt House, Cool Planet Experience was officially opened on 10 January in a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by Richard Branson. The centre is the brain child of entrepreneur Norman Crowley, who envisioned it as a place that would educate visitors in an engaging and dynamic way. Connecting science, engineering, gaming and drama, the centre is the first of ten that are planned to open around the world over the next three years, with plans already in place for centres in Dubai and Sydney.

Awesome. People can take fossil fueled trips to visit them. Anyway, their website isn’t too detailed on what actions they recommend people take, other than pledging to ride a bike to work and reducing their own carbon footprint. Which never seems to actually happen.

“Cool Planet is the first of its kind, it takes visitors on a journey through climate change that’s interactive and fact-based, but also fun, and aims for visitors to leave feeling informed but also inspired about what they can do themselves. Research has shown that people are frustrated and just don’t know what to do when it comes to climate change. Cool Planet aims to change the conversation on climate change by not only showing what the impacts are, but also the really cool solutions and technologies that already exist,” Vicky Brown, CEO of Cool Planet Experience told Lonely Planet Travel News.

It’s actually pretty simple: Warmists need to stop using fossil fuels and most trappings of a modern life. Live like it’s 1499.

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