Say, How Does Hillary Stack Up When It Comes To “Climate Change”?

This is obviously an Important Question for the Cult of Climastrology

(Climate Progress) The choices the next president will make will decide what sort of climate confronts the world this century….

Clinton is by many definitions a climate hawk. Importantly, she has said the President’s use of the Clean Air Act to rein in carbon pollution from power plants, “must be protected at all costs” during a speech last year to the League of Conservation Voters. She has been critical of fossil fuel subsidies and supported boosting renewables. To her, climate change represents “the most consequential, urgent, sweeping collection of challenges we face as a nation and a world.”

“The science of climate change is unforgiving, no matter what the deniers may say, sea levels are rising, ice caps are melting, storms, droughts and wildfires are wreaking havoc,” she said.

That’s interesting. Can she point to any policies, initiatives, etc, that she accomplished during her time as Secretary of State? Or in the Senate? It probably doesn’t help that she notes fossil fueled travel as an accomplishment, having traveled almost a million miles as Sec State.

But in other areas, she falls short of that hawkish moniker. She still advocates for domestic fossil fuel production, specifically natural gas, arguing it is cleaner than coal “with the right safeguards in place.” She said enforcing smart regulations is important, “including deciding not to drill when the risks are too high.” As Secretary of State, Clinton received criticism around the world for advocating global fossil fuel development, specifically fracking for shale gas in eastern Europe. Her successor, climate hawk John Kerry, has stuck with this strategy, viewing natural gas as a tool to use for fighting climate change. Clinton still frustrates greens refuses to comment on the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, the long and ongoing approval process for which she oversaw at the State Department.

Well, at least she’s not a total hypocrite. Expect her Belief in Hotcoldwetdry to shift during the campaign to pander to the CoC.

The rest of the article is about other potential players in the Democrat primaries, leading to

Taking bold stands on climate change could be one way of getting disillusioned young progressives excited enough about a Clinton campaign to go knock on doors. On Monday, climate activists organized by Action will be outside Clinton’s campaign office protesting her stance on the Keystone XL pipeline instead.

Yes, the disillusioned young progressives, who have poor job prospects and low paying job prospects, thanks to Liberal policies. Skewed priorities.

Grist also takes on Hillary’s beliefs in “climate change”, and provides 8 important things to know (you’ll have to hit the link for the full details, of course)

  1. She understands the science. (sure she does)
  2. She thinks the politics of climate change are daunting.
  3. She fully supports Obama’s landmark power-plant rules (in other words, making people’s power bills skyrocket, easy for a rich person to not worry about)
  4. She connects climate change to women’s rights (just another Progressive talking point)
  5. She promoted fracking abroad while secretary of state (will she support fracking at home?)
  6. Her family’s charitable foundation takes lots of oil money (fortunately, she “quit” the foundation. Wink wink)
  7. She has supported offshore oil drilling (expect that to change to patronize Warmists)
  8. She avoids saying anything about Keystone XL (she’s gotta take a stance at some point, since Obama will kick the can to the next POTUS)

What will Hillary focus on during the campaign? I guess we’ll find out.

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