Say, Will 2015 Be The Tipping Point For Action On Hotcoldwetdry?

That’s what ultra-far left webzine Politcususa discusses. And hopes

2015 may quite possibly be the year that the world finally wakes up and responds to the challenge of climate change.

2014 provided a glimpse of what the new year may hold.

It seems the rhythm may have changed. Where before the challenge was to get people to understand and believe the reality of climate change, now the challenge is to get the people to act and to call on those in positions of power and influence to act.

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Well, true, because, so far, Warmists have ultimately failed to put into practice their dogmatic “climate change” beliefs in their personal lives. In other words, hypocrisy. But, of course and as usual, writer John Lundin doesn’t mean Warmists should practice what they preach, but that everyone should be forced to bow down to Big Centralized Government

In 2015, the focus will be on Paris where world leaders will meet in November in an attempt to work out a major global warming deal. The populist activism that began this year can be expected to gain even more momentum as the climate talks approach.

Uh huh. Good luck with that. It’ll be yet another year of Warmists pushing junk science in order to institute far left Progressive political policies.

Meanwhile, the Montreal Gazette, which kills lots of trees and uses lots of fossil fuels to publish and distribute their newspaper, wants you to make a New Year’s pledge

But on the way to that objective of better health for ourselves, we should also spare a thought for the health of our planet, which many warn is in a fragile condition. While policy makers and political leaders bicker over emissions targets and who should take the initiative on curbing pollution, greenhouse gas levels continue to rise. This is a key contributor to global warming that could make Earth less habitable in coming generations, affecting the health of millions of citizens.

They feel that small individual actions, like using a reusable coffee cup instead of that disposable one, are super awesome, but….

Individual actions can be the starting point, but they can only go so far to preserving the health of our planet. Political leaders of all stripes also have a duty to enact policies and make decisions that protect the environment — and human health — rather than allow it to be harmed irreparably. Individuals can help make this happen by holding their elected officials to account.

Boom, more Big Government. Anyone else seeing a theme yet?

Over at the Huffington Post, they want you to have a safe New Year’s Eve by remembering the exploding population and how evil that is for “climate change”, so, use contraception!

Of course, Bill Nye has a big resolution for the New Year

One goal is to finish his next book.

“It’s about climate change and how we can become the Next Greatest Generation,” Nye said in the email. “We can get to work the way people did during World War II.”

How many trees are killed to publish a book, Bill? As for being the next greatest generation, what will be remembered 100 years down the road will be the lunacy of Climatism, with historians wondering exactly how so many could be duped and turned into raging wackjobs.

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