Seattle To Penalize Citizens Who Do Not Compost

All in the name of climate change, of course

(CNN)  photo green-police.jpgHave you ever thrown away a banana peel or dumped expired milk into the garbage? Well, if you do it in Seattle you are in for a fine.

Under a new policy, passed 9-0 by the Seattle City Council earlier this week, those who fail to compost “food waste and compostable paper” will be penalized.

The new program will come into effect in January 2015 for commercial establishments and residences. It will be enforced by the Seattle Public Utilities commission. Seattle has had a similar rule for noncompostable recyclables for nine years.

In other words, the little Progressives (nice fascists) on the council will require the garbage men, excuse me, sanitation workers, to go through your garbage to make sure you’re in compliance.

After receiving two warnings, residents and businesses will be fined $50 for dumpsters and a more modest $1 for waste at single-family homes. Previously, the utilities commission left residents and businesses a note that asked them to compost. If they did not comply, the city refused to collect the garbage.

It’s not much of a fine. It’s the thought that counts. And what happens if they catch you multiple times?

“Compostables are about 30% of what is still in the garbage and they are the largest target we have to help us reach our goals,” said Timothy Croll, solid waste director of the utilities commission, which asked the city council for the change. “Also, composting food waste reduces emissions of methane, which is a strong cause of climate change.”

Told you.

Of course, I have noted many times the danger of methane, and that agriculture and landfills are the two leading causes of greenhouse gas output from mankind.

But, see, there’s a problem: composting creates large amounts of methane and nitrous oxide. So, they’re turning sanitation technicians into law enforcement officers for no reason. And some think the fear of green police is silly.

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