Settled Science: The Planet Is No Longer Warming

At least at the moment. What will happen next is anyone’s guess. Will we see the temperatures creep up again? Will we see a big dip like from the late 40’s to late 70’s? Will they fluctuate up and down like during the past 15-17 years? What we do know is that the Warmist prognostication that CO2 is the primary driver which would have meant that global temperatures should have continued to clime is dead wrong (via Climate Depot)

(Quadrant Online) The IPCC report of 2007 came and went, failing to detect — or at least failing to acknowledge — that global warming was no more. On the contrary, “it’s worse than we thought” was the rallying cry throughout the lead-up to the COP15 at Copenhagen.

But the prevarication couldn’t last forever. Three years ago, CRU’s Phil Jones admitted to the BBC that there had been no statistically significant warming since 1995.

The pace picked up when the UK Met Office models surreptitiously projected a 20-year standstill on Christmas Eve 2012; and then James Hansen — oft described as the father of global warming — confirmed “a pause” of a decade or more. Now the whole house of cards finally tumbled, with Rajendra Pachauri, official spokesman for the IPCC, confirming in Melbourne that global temperatures had plateaued for 17 years.

Will global warming ever start again? Nobody knows.

Now, Climate Astrologers will say that 15, 16, 17 years is not long enough to make policy on a trend or even to notice. We already know what the actual data says about the trends. What about Warmists?

The 1992 Rio Conference founded a major international treaty on a warming trend that was 12 years old. Hansen’s 1988 launch of the DAGW campaign was little more than a decade after scientists had feared the beginning of a new ice age.

Barry Brill, the post author, points out that many organizations and Warmists, including NOAA and Gavin Schmidt, have said that 15 years is a trend. Warmists can throw up their little chart in an attempt to show that there is this constant upward tick on the global thermometer, but that’s not the way science works, nor is it representative of what the climate has actually done.

The statistical fact is that the late 20th century warming trend is history. It is over. It is so yeterday. As Monty Python’s immortal “Dead Parrot” sketch illustrates so vividly, there is a vast gulf between “resting” and “dead”.

Remember, we on the Climate Realist side are not arguing whether or not the world has warmed, we are arguing causation. If it was primarily caused by CO2 increases we’d see a continued upwards trend. Yet, 15-17 years of a flat global trend, and only a .28F increase since 1990.

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