A Sharknado Is More Likely Due To ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

A Sharknado Is More Likely Due To ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

This is not a repeat from the release of the last terrible horrible no good Sharknado (#4) movie, in which the people involved yammered on about climate change and how the movie relates to it. This is a new level of insanity

(NY Post) Climate change bites!

A “Sharkicane” — a terrifying twist on the meteorological havoc wrought in the cult flick “Sharknado” — is more likely than ever to strike Earth, the movie’s creator jawed to The Post.

“Sharknado 5: Global Swarming” takes a campy dive into what might happen if climate change spiraled out of control — and features a raging hurricane-tornado that sucks up massive man-eaters and spits them out onto Rome, London and Amsterdam.

But as the planet heats up, wild weather patterns really do increase the chance of a fishy storm of biblical proportions, according to “Sharknado” originator Thunder Levin.

“We know that powerful enough tornadoes and hurricanes can lift large objects, including sharks if they’re passing over water,” said Levin, who wrote the screenplay for the original “Sharknado,” which aired on the Syfy channel to great finfare in 2013.

“As global warming gets worse, it adds more energy to the atmospheric system,” he said. “So it’s perfectly logical: A more powerful weather phenomenon makes [a Sharkicane] more likely.”

Interestingly, tropical storm systems and tornadoes numbers have gone down over the years.

One expert agreed it’s a whale of a problem — that could increase the chances of end-of-days-style hurricanes.

“It’s a scientific fact that we are living in a warmer world. And it will continue to increase and accelerate as more carbon enters the atmosphere,” said Bill Patzert, a climatologist at the California Institute of Technology.

If a scientist is yammering on about “carbon” rather than the scientifically proper term “carbon dioxide”, they’re talking politics as laid out in the Cult of Climastrology handbook, not science.

This whole thing is just stupid. And then the Cultists wonder why people are tuning out despite all the propaganda push.

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