Snap! Hurricanes To Be Fewer But More Powerful Due To Globull Warming

Looks like the climate morons are trying out a new meme to try and explain just why hurricane activity has decreased since 2005

Are hurricanes getting worse because of global warming?

Models suggest that there may be fewer, but more powerful, hurricanes as the world warms

Are these the same models that originally stated that there would be more and more hurricanes due to anthropogenic global warming?

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There’s tremendous variation in hurricane activity over time and from place to place. Various studies published since 2005 indicate that the number and/or strength of hurricanes have increased in various regions, especially since the 1970s. However, it’s likely that some hurricanes at sea went unnoticed in the days before satellites and hurricane-hunter aircraft, and that complicates the assessment. There’s no doubt, though, that hurricane activity has stepped up since the mid-1990s in the North Atlantic, where ocean temperatures have risen through long-term warming and an apparent multidecadal cycle in Atlantic currents. The tropics are part of a global trend toward ocean warming that goes hand in hand with atmospheric warming, and warm oceans provide the energy to drive hurricanes. As for the future, computer models tend to point towards fewer hurricanes overall (for reasons that aren’t yet firmed up) but a general strengthening of winds and rainfall in the hurricanes that do form.

Isn’t that nice of The Guardian to bury the natural multidecadal cycle causation in the middle? But, hey, they’re floating a meme that hurricanes will become less frequent by more powerful. Unfortunately, the above excerpt comes from a book the Guardian is pushing, which also goes on to say

Trends aside, a catastrophic storm can strike in any year, and it’s impossible to tie any single hurricane or other weather event directly to global warming.

Whoops! Of course, that doesn’t matter, because the alarmists will read the headline, scan the short article, and have their talking points that hurricanes will become less frequent but more powerful. Interestingly, the trend for U.S. hurricane strikes has decreased since the 1880’s, as CO2 went up, and the effects of the Little Ice Age ended. I’m sure it’s all caused by….Cubachi using energy to power the blog.

This is why AGW is a cult, not science: they’ll say anything to back up their assertions, and what they are pushing constantly changes.

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