Having Solved All Other Problems, France Bans Plastic Cutlery And Crockery For ‘Climate Change’

France’s economy is in the doldrums. They constantly deal with violence, riots, arson and rape by the “immigrants” from Islamic nations. But, those are tiny issues compared to

(The Telegraph) Plastic crockery and cutlery is to be banned in France unless it is made from biologically sourced materials.

The law comes into force in 2020. It is part of a French environmental initiative called the Energy Transition for Green Growth, part of a package aimed at tackling climate change.

Look, there’s definitely an issue with plastics not being recycled. And even just bagged and sent to the landfills. People just dump it. It ends up polluting and blighting the landscape and oceans. Of course, the Cult of Climastrology has taken over this real environmental concern, as they do everything else. Why? Because their fuitier than a bowl of grapes.

And Progressives love banning things they do not like. They really love it, whether it be objects, speech, or thoughts. They really want to ban things they do not agree with. Fortunately, they aren’t always successful. But, they will keep trying. Once they arrive at an idea to ban something, they will never let go. And they will often attempt to ban via government action. They seem to love big Fascistic government.

Next up, they’ll whine about the amount of water used to clean non-plastic crockery and cutlery. And we can all eat with our fingers. To save the planet from a tiny increase in global temperatures utterly consistent with a low range Holocene warm period.

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