Study: Democrats Are Rather Clueless On Climate Change

It’s a shock

From the article

A survey has found some interesting takeaways about Kentuckians’ attitudes toward climate change, including that the biggest influence on beliefs may be political affiliation rather than scientific knowledge.

There have been numerous studies about attitudes toward climate change around the country, but very few have looked at Kentucky specifically. For her master’s thesis at Kentucky State University, Jennifer Hubbard-Sanchez surveyed 229 Kentuckians about their climate change beliefs and knowledge.

She had three major hypothesis

  • That those who self-identify as Democrats would be more likely to say that climate change is happening and is being caused by humans, while people who self-identify as Republicans would be less likely to come to those conclusions;
  • That people with a higher understanding of climate science would be more likely to believe that climate change is happening; and
  • That people with a higher understanding of climate science would be more likely to believe that climate change is being caused by humans.

She decided to practice Science, and found some interesting conclusions

But only Hubbard-Sanchez’s first hypothesis was supported by her study. Overwhelmingly, the factor that influenced how people felt about climate change and its causes was their political affiliation. In fact, she found that the Democrats who took her survey didn’t know as much about climate science as the Republicans did. And yet, despite their levels of knowledge, both Republicans and Democrats echoed their party lines.

We’ve seen this time and time again. Democrats profess belief that climate change is mostly/solely caused by Mankind, especially “carbon pollution”, yet, their actual science foundation is rather low. They simply devolve into duckspeak and insults when confronted with facts.

“Democrats are saying ‘yes, this is happening,’ without knowing as much science,” Hubbard-Sanchez said. “And Republicans, who know more, their knowledge score was higher but their belief score was lower.”

Because we know better, and also understand that the issue is primarily political, not scientific.

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