Study: Electric Vehicles Can Be Worse For Environment Than Fossil Fueled Vehicles

On the bright side, there are so few of them, because only a tiny percentage of people are willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars for a vehicle that can’t travel very far per charge

(UK Daily Mail) They have been hailed as the environmentally-friendly solution to getting around towns and cities.

But new research has found electric cars have an overall impact on pollution that may be worse than gas-guzzling vehicles.

The study looked at US vehicle emissions on a county-level to map where gas cars and electric vehicles cause the most damage to the environment.

It found that in the east of the US, the impact of charging up EVs overnight does more harm to the environment than going to the petrol station.

‘What we find is that the benefits are substantially different depending on where you are in the country,’ study co-author Stephen Holland of the University of North Carolina, told CityLab.

The real big take-home message is: location, location, location.’

What they mostly mean by “the environment” are greenhouse gases, rather than things that are actually bad for the environment. Anyhow, certain areas are better than others, because so much depends on where the energy comes from

With gas cars, the worst damage, which is shown on the map in red, took place in highly-populated urban areas such as New York.

Environmental damage for EVs appears to be worse in the Midwest and Northeast, where the electricity grid tends to rely on coal power plants.

In places like LA, EVs produce less environmental damage because the city’s air shed traps pollutants from gas cars.

Strange: liberal cities in the North are pretty bad with gas vehicles. I thought all these Warmists would give up their fossil fueled travel. I guess not. Hey, I know a way we could make the EVs more “environmentally friendly”: build nuclear and natural gas plants and replace the coal fired plants (which really are bad for the environment).

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