Surprise: Climate Ghouls Blame Tennessee Fire On ‘Climate Change’

Surprise: Climate Ghouls Blame Tennessee Fire On ‘Climate Change’

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The Tennessee wildfires have killed at least three and forced over 14,000 out of their homes, destroying over 250 buildings. The cause of the blaze is unknown. Except to the Climate Ghouls, Warmists who take advantage of everything bad that happens to push their cultish beliefs

(Climate Central) Whether climate change will make fires more common in the region is an ongoing area of research. It’s unclear if the Southeast will become wetter or drier due to climate change and that will have a big influence on future wildfire activity.

The region is likely to keep warming, though, and that means that any future dry spells will be more likely to lead to drought, creating more fuel for fires to burn.

(CS Monitor) While scenes of blazing forests and hazy skies are more frequently associated with the drier Western states, wildfires have always burned in Southeastern states despite being wetter and cooler. But the incident this year is noted for its intensity, having occurred during exceptional drought and scarce rainfall for months. Although experts are wary of linking such conditions to climate change, they say that with current climate model predictions of higher temperatures and longer consecutive dry periods, risks for wildfires will increase.

(Mashable) While the proximate cause of this fire may have been human action, perhaps even arson, climate conditions have primed the area for fires.

Those are some of the less insane articles.

Because wildfires have never happened before. And we don’t even know what started this one. Climate Ghouls.

Meanwhile, the Typical Liberal Ghouls in the Democratic Party have been mocking the victims of the wildfires, since the state voted Trump.

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