Surprise: Cult Of Climastrology Blames Italy Earthquake On ‘Climate Change’

One of the hallmarks of a cult is their opposition to independent thought, which the further threat to remove any who question the dogma. Then there’s the group think and cognitive dissonance. A focus on an imagined enemy. And let’s not forget circular logic and magical think where everything is linked to their pet cause

People are searching for answers after an earthquake in Italy left hundreds dead, and naturally people are looking to the Internet for guidance. So, did climate change cause the Italy earthquake? While mainstream science is starting to link climate change with earthquakes, the geophysical feedback mechanisms that are in play in a warming climate aren’t well-understood yet.

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Back to those studies linking earthquakes to climate change: most of them focus on how earthquakes can add to the greenhouse gas effect feeding into global warming. For example, methane release can occur if the earthquake takes place in an area with a large amount of methane gas pockets, or in areas where fracking is occurring.

The notion of melting glaciers and land rebound are mentioned, but, of course, the article ends with a “we just don’t know right now” after pretty much implying that it was ‘climate change.’ Then we have this

Sigh. There is a plate boundary that runs right through Italy, where the African plate is diving under the European plate. This is why rock from the African plate shows up in the Matterhorn. The plate is creating the Alps. This is the cause of the earthquakes. Hey, don’t ask me, ask a geologist

A geologist in Poland says that the magnitude 6 earthquake in central Italy was caused by the slow but constant under-surface movement of the African Plate toward Europe.

Jerzy Zaba of the Silesian University in Katowice, in southern Poland, said Wednesday that a wedge-shaped front of the African Plate is pressing into the Eurasian Plate in the Adriatic Sea region and pushes into the neighboring regions, like Italy’s Apennine Mountains. The tension that accumulates leads to a sudden release in the form of under-surface rock movement that causes earth tremors.

Zaba told Polish PAP agency that the African Plate is moving northwards at the speed of up to 5 centimeters (2 inches) a year.

Cults like to assign the causes of disasters to the actions of their deities or boogeymen.

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